- Protection against unpaid invoices
- Get insurance cover in minutes
- From just £5.60 per policy

A sizeable bad debt could be devastating for your business. That’s why Nimbla quickly pays you the money that’s lost if a customer becomes insolvent.

How Nimbla can help your business

Affordable trade credit insurance: Invoice insurance is available from £5.60 per policy, depending on the risk of your customer.

Free access to risk analysis: You can see the risk associated with each invoice, helping you better understand your customers.

Debt recovery is free of charge: If an invoice is overdue and your customer is still trading, we will do our best to recover the money for you.

Fast claims handling: We cover 90% of the invoice value and we aim to pay valid claims within 30 working days of receiving the required documents.

Getting started with Nimbla is easy. You can check our prices online, giving you a quote in minutes or you can create an account to easily add more invoices. It takes less than 10 minutes to buy a policy that will protect your invoices for 12 months.