Identify risk for your clients and improve their cashflow by collecting their invoices faster.

itsettled is an automated cashflow and credit management platform that collects your clients invoices fast and improves their working capital position.

Automate your credit control function, help your clients get paid the money they’re owed, and scale your firm.

Automation salvation

Our platform removes the pains of scheduling payment reminders and drafting emails to your clients' customers by automating the credit control process - leaving you with more time to spend on other tasks.

Portfolio visibility

With your itsettled dashboard you’ll not only be able to see the working capital position of all the clients in your portfolio, but also identify and mitigate risk for each and every one of them.

For Accountants

Scale your firm

Automate your credit control process and manage the function for all of your clients - no matter how many you have.

Portfolio visibility

Easily view the working capital position across your entire client portfolio. Spot and mitigate risk early.

Additional services

Use your practice dashboard to share actionable insights and deliver additional advisory services.

our guarantee

Still don't receive payment? Our recovery specialists will step in and help for no additional cost. We have your back every step of the way.


How it works

Get started

Either sync your clients’ accountancy software or upload their invoices directly to itsettled.

itsettled gets to work

itsettled starts collecting recently created invoices, any late payments, and monitoring for risk.

You get paid

itsettled keeps working until your clients get paid the money they’re owed.


Trusted by UK businesses

See what our customers have to say about the itsettled platform.

“Credit control is stressful. itsettled has it all worked out for you. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing.”

Owen Wood, Director, Park Row Marketing

“Easy and effective. I got paid what I was owed. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing.”

Inge Dowden, Director, Inge Dowden Coaching

“Clever process and easy-to-use. You must give it a try. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing.”

Gideon Barker, Director, CustomerIQ

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Cotswold Transport

frequently asked questions

For the curious

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Is the process legally compliant?
Yes! Every process we use at itsettled is legally compliant - we have developed and enhanced this process over the past 12 years at our sister company Credebt.
Can I use one itsettled account for all of my clients?
Yes you can, use your itsettled account to oversee all of your clients cashflow positions in one place. 
Why should I use itsettled, and not just do credit control myself?
Using itsettled within your accountancy practice will allow you to spend time on more high-value tasks such as advisory services. Credit control can be a mundane task and reliant on using reminders, so by using itsettled you can trust the process to do these tasks for you whilst still maintaining control over the operation. 
Do you provide resources that I can give my clients?
Yes, we do. We frequently send out resources to our customers, and you can also check out our guides and insights on our blog here. 
How can I show my clients that itsettled is improving their cashflow?
We send out 7,30,60,90 & 120 day reports, which will showcase how your customers cashflow is improving over time. Once the 120 day report has been sent, we will send out reports each month following the same structure. These can then be sent on to your clients and are easily digestible. 

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