Our proven process helps SMEs effortlessly collect invoices and improve their cashflow

itsettled is an automated platform designed to help businesses collect invoices faster and improve their cashflow.

No more worrying about getting paid the money you’re owed, damaging customer relationships when asking for payment, or keeping on top of overdue invoices. 

Done for you

The itsettled platform has been specifically designed to get you paid and improve your cashflow position. Our tried and tested process has already collected over £420 million for UK businesses.

SMEs are the backbone of the economy and we understand that business owners and their teams are under a lot of pressure. You don’t need the burden of learning  how to use a new system. You just need something that works

itsettled is that. Once you’ve synced your accountancy or uploaded your invoices, we’ll get to work improving your cashflow position. Simple.

Off the to do list

With our intuitive dashboard you’ll get insight into individual invoices, specific customers, and an overview of all your debtors. .

You and your other team members can concentrate on other tasks, safe in the knowledge that itsettled is communicating with customers on your behalf in a consistent way and at the right time, every time

Looking after your valued customer relationships is at the core of our process. You’ll have full visibility on all of the communication that’s being sent and peace of mind from knowing it’s fair, firm (when it needs to be), and legally compliant.

benefits for smes

A process that works

Developed by a leading credit management specialist, our process has collected over £420 million for UK SMEs.

Maintain relationships

Automatically sent at the right time, the consistent communication looks as if it comes directly from you.

Easy to manage

Keep track of all customers and invoices in the dashboard. Easily pause the process and set up payment plans.

our guarantee

Still don't receive payment? Our recovery specialists will step in and help for no additional cost. We have your back every step of the way.


How it works

Get started

Either sync your accountancy software or upload your invoices directly to itsettled.

itsettled gets to work

The platform starts collecting recently created invoices, any late payments and monitoring for risk.

You get paid

itsettled keeps working until you get paid the money you’re owed and your cashflow position is improved.


Trusted by UK businesses

See what our customers have to say about the itsettled platform.

“Credit control is stressful. itsettled has it all worked out for you. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing.”

Owen Wood, Director, Park Row Marketing

“Easy and effective. I got paid what I was owed. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing.”

Inge Dowden, Director, Inge Dowden Coaching

“Clever process and easy-to-use. You must give it a try. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing.”

Gideon Barker, Director, CustomerIQ

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Cotswold Transport

frequently asked questions

For the curious

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Why should I use itsettled, and not just chase invoices myself?
Do you really chase all your invoices on time? We’ve found that many business owners say that they have an effective credit control system - but in reality don’t have the time or knowledge to chase their invoices successfully. The itsettled process saves you both time and energy, as it provides you with all the communication you need in order to chase overdue invoices, before they’re even overdue
Is the process legally compliant?
Yes! Every process we use at itsettled is legally compliant - we have developed and enhanced this process over the past 12 years at our sister company Credebt.
Can I set up an itsettled account outside of the UK?
Currently you cannot set up an itsettled account if your business is not based in the UK. This is due to a difference in laws and regulations globally. If you want to see itsettled come to your country though, please do get in touch. Although we don’t have any short-term plans to expand outside of the UK, we’ll never say never!
Why do you call yourselves an app?
We call ourselves an app because that’s what we are! Although we currently do not have an native app that you can download on your phone, we do have a mobile website and we see ourselves as an application. 
How do I get in touch with you?
To chat to one of our team members, join our live chat service here. If that’s not your thing, you can email us at, and contact us on our socials at @itsettled.

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