Blair Pusey, Head of Sales & Partnerships, Nimbla

Working with industry disruptors is key to our strategy going forward as we enable more SMEs to Protect, Fund & Grow their business. It’s great to be working with itsettled to help SMEs get paid what they are owed for the work they deliver. Late payment and bad debt have the ability to cripple a business which is a growing concern amongst SME.

Working with industry disruptors is key to our strategy

itsettled’s fully automated cashflow & credit management platform collects your invoices fast, reduces risk, and improves your cashflow. Led by credit management expert Glen Morgan, itsettled’s process has gathered £420 million for UK SMEs. Nimbla provides invoice insurance to UK SMEs, giving business owners the confidence they need to succeed.

By insuring their invoices, Nimbla users can protect their business against customer defaults. Customers of Nimbla can assess the risk across their whole sales ledger, and after insuring their chosen invoices, businesses can focus on growth and expansion. Nimbla will pay up to 90% of the invoice value if the company becomes insolvent, giving business owners peace of mind. 

The partnership allows itsettled to accelerate its ability to facilitate sustainable lending decisions and eliminate poor payment practices in SMEs. It delivers the technology required to have an economy-wide impact on a business' cashflow and working capital position. 

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