Our vision

We believe businesses should be able to spend more time doing what they love and less time stressed and chasing payments.

That’s why we’re pledging to help over 30,000 businesses over the next 5 years to improve their cashflow and empower their business.

Our goals

We’re striving for a world where no business fails because it doesn’t have the ability, knowledge or confidence to get paid for its products or services.

We want to ensure that every business in the UK has the tools to chase their debts and get paid on time, whilst maintaining a positive relationship with their valued customers.

The itsettled app provides you with all of this from a legally compliant process to well worded and effective letters that will maintain good customer relationships and ensure you get paid on time, every time. itsettled has been designed to reduce stress, save time and maximise your cashflow.

Our story

We want businesses to have a credit control process that delivers results and are passionate about helping SME’s across the UK to get what they are owed.

Itsettled began 11 years ago at Credebt, our founder and CEO, Glen Morgan’s first company.

With a background working in receivables management, Glen is one of the leading industry specialists for the invoice finance, insolvency and corporate markets.

With a quest to make invoice chasing easier, Glen worked to develop a process that now has a long standing proven track record of delivering results for larger organisations. Since its development, this proven process has resulted in over £350 million of outstanding invoices being successfully collected.

In an effort to make the process accessible to small and medium sized businesses, itsettled was developed, taking technology and a proven process to create a winning formula.

itsettled continues to grow as more and more businesses see how easy and effective it is to use.

Meet the founders

Glen Morgan
FCICM (Grad)


Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management, having spent the last 25 years working in the credit industry. Glen is widely considered an industry expert and has been asked to advise UK Government on credit management via the Parliamentary Review and Leaders Council.

Glen is an active member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management and wrote the Debt Collection Syllabus back in 2014.

Jonathan Wingrove
BA (Hons)


Marketing, graphic design and brand evangelist with over 20 years experience. Jon has driven the automation of the itsettled process and continues to develop a world class solution in both effectiveness and customer experience.

He is passionate about mental health issues that late payment can contribute to. High stress levels as a result of cash flow can negatively impact home and family life, which is why he is driven to ensure everything itsettled does seeks to improve upon these challenges.

"The fightback against late payment starts here.
We’re proud to be in your corner."

Both Glen and Jonathan have a passion for supporting businesses to get paid on time and itsettled provides just one of the tools to help achieve this. Glen also continues to lobby for policy changes regarding late payment and runs weekly advice vlogs and webinars to support this. 

Jonathan and Glen have included many other tools on this website and as part of the App to help businesses manage the risks of trading on credit in the UK and the mental health impact on its community.

47% of invoices are paid late

1 million businesses battling late payments

£50 billion overdue at any time

Our process is trusted by Corporate Organisations

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