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itsettled has been built on our CEO Glen Morgan’s 25 years of credit management experience. We’ve codified a proven process previously only available to large corporates and made it available to all UK SMEs.

About itsettled

We give our customers the headspace they need to concentrate on building a thriving business. We create jobs and help local economies to flourish.


Meet the founders

With over 45 years combined experience.

Glen Morgan, CEO

FCICM (Grad)

As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management, Glen has spent the last 25 years working in the credit industry. He is widely considered an industry expert and has been asked to advise UK Government on credit management via the Parliamentary Review and Leaders Council.

Glen is an active member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management.

Jonathon Wingrove, COO

BA (Hons)

Jonathan, a marketing, graphic design and brand evangelist with over 20 years experience has driven the automation of the itsettled process and continues to develop a world class solution in both effectiveness and customer experience.

He is passionate about the mental health issues caused by late payment. Poor cashflow can negatively impact home and family life, which is why he is driven to ensure everything itsettled does, seeks to improve upon these challenges.


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