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5 Reasons to use itsettled, from our customers to you

We can talk all we want about how great itsettled's credit management software is - but really, all you want to hear is how real people have used our software, and how they’ve made it work for them and their business.

In this week’s blog post we’ll be sharing our favourite customer success stories - and inspire you on ways you can use itsettled.

#1 You can upload legacy invoices to our credit management software

Gideon used itsettled's software for a legacy invoice - he wasn’t convinced that itsettled would work, as his invoice was over a year overdue. itsettled works on a threefold basis; the software tackles your legacy invoice issues, then helps you build new foundations by training and upskilling you, before continuing to act as an ongoing virtual credit control team.

“I tested out itsettled on an invoice I'd previously written off as bad debt. It was 12 months past the payment date and I had little hope of it being paid. To my astonishment, within a very short time frame the debt was repaid in full, thanks to the clever process and ease of use of itsettled. You must give this a go. Old debts, current invoices, it just works 👍”

#2 itsettled's credit management and debt recovery software is easy to use

We’re often told by customers that our software is easy-to-use - simply let the automated software do the work for you. You’ve also got extra advice and suggestions on each step, and the opportunity to add notes to each invoice.

“After 6 months of trying to gently coax a bad payer to settle their bill, I used itsettled and BINGO, it only took a few moments to set up, easy to follow steps and payment came through. Absolutely brilliant, easy to use and fantastic outcome. Highly Recommended. Thank you all the brilliant team at itsettled.”

#3 Our credit control software reduces stress

One of our main aims in setting up itsettled was reducing the stress of our customers - running a business is hard enough, without the worry of having cashflow difficulties.

“I have used the itsettled process to collect a very old debt that I never thought would be paid back. It was one of those things I wanted to put to the back of my mind as it was so unsettling and I didn't want to upset the relationship, but using itsettled meant I got my money and I maintained good relations with the other party. I would highly recommend the app to anyone who needs to get paid, as it takes away the stress of it and you get results!”

#4 You can use itsettled's credit control software for all your invoices - no matter whether they’re overdue or not

Think of itsettled as your virtual credit control team - we do all the hard work of protecting your cashflow, whilst you get on with growing your business.

“Credit control is stressful. On one hand, you want to preserve a client relationship but on the other, you want to be paid fairly for the job you do. The biggest worry is what to do, what to say and how quickly should you escalate to a debt collection agency. Before we used itsettled, we wrote off a lot of 'bad debt', where we were working with bad payers and we weren't sure what recourse we could take.

itsettled gives a clear indication of next steps and has that all worked out for you. The dates, messages and information it collects is very reassuring. This is a great extension to businesses' Finance Team.”

#5 Support from our team + credit management software

At itsettled, we pride ourselves on the support we give our customers. We’re always here to answer your queries, whether it's by email or via our live chat. We love talking to our customers and taking on feedback, so never hesitate to get in touch.

“The team at 'itsettled' are excellent and have really helped me recoup outstanding payments while maintaining a healthy relationship with my customers.

No fuss - no hassle - all sorted.”

Intrigued by all that itsettled can offer your business? Try our credit control software for free today with a 7 day, no access barred trial - sign up here.

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