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itsettled's Credit Management Software: Our team's favourite features

Our team pick their favourite features of itsettled’s credit management software.

In this week’s blog post, we want to tell you all about the itsettled team’s favourite features of our credit management software. We all know that our credit management software gets you paid quicker and boosts your cashflow - but what are the team’s favourite features?

If you’re new to itsettled, we’ve created a credit management software built on our CEO and co-founder Glen Morgan’s decades of experience in the credit management industry. We built our software to help businesses like yours get paid on time consistently and boost their cashflow. We give you the security to reinvest in your business and spend time focusing on the important things. 

Read on to find out what our team’s favourite features of our credit management software are…

Glen, CEO & Co-founder - Credit Management Software + Aged Debtor Report

“It’s my personal experience that many SMEs are unfamiliar with aged debtor reports - or if they are familiar, they rarely use them within their business. I believe they are one of the most underrated tools a business owner has access to. 

An aged debtor report shows you how much you’re owed by your customers. This can be eye-opening for many reasons - it can show you exactly how much cash you’re missing out on, and it also shows you the amount that each of your customers owes you. It breaks down these unpaid invoices into the length of time they’ve been due - for example, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. 

This is such a useful insight to have, and can really help you when it comes to deciding on payment terms for your customers. 

itsettled’s credit management software shows you a tailored aged debtor report on your dashboard, which is generated from the invoices on your accountancy software.”

Jon, COO & Co-founder - Credit Management Software + Dedicated account manager

"It can be difficult to know where to start when you begin using a new piece of software. Every customer that uses our credit management software is assigned a dedicated account manager who is there to answer questions, troubleshoot, and provide more information. Our account managers are all credit management experts, so you can trust us that they know what they’re talking about. 

We’re not just a piece of credit management software - the human touch that itsettled delivers gives the business owner so much more." 

Stu, Technical Lead - Credit Management Software + Combining invoices

"I may be slightly biased, as it was one of my first projects that I worked on when I joined the itsettled team, but my favourite feature has got to be the ability to combine invoices for one debtor.

This sounds really simple, but I think it’s a great feature - it basically allows you to condense the amount of emails you’re sending to one client, so if you have invoices that are all at the same step for one customer, you can combine them. This is a great addition to our credit management software and it’s something our customers really like." 

Charlie, Digital Marketing Manager - Credit Management Software + Live Chat

Similarly to Jon, my favourite feature is our live chat that runs across both the website and our credit management software. Our customers use this live chat to ask questions about invoices, talk to their dedicated account manager, and discuss the best way to use the itsettled software within their own business. 

Being able to talk to a real person that understands the software is really valuable, and I’m sure we all find that in our personal lives. With something such as credit control, being able to talk to an expert at any time is really valuable, and I know lots of business owners really appreciate the fact that we offer this feature on top of our credit management software. 

Angharad, Marketing & Communications Executive - Credit Management Software + Letter Customisation

One of the most frequent questions we get at itsettled is whether you can customise the communications that get sent out by our credit management software. We’re always happy to reply that we can! 

Whether you’re a business that charges a late payment fee or you want to tailor your letters to suit your own customer base, we include a letter customisation line within our credit management software. This is really easy to use and edit, and we’ve got a whole host of videos on our resource hub that show you both how to add this customisation, but how to get the best out of all of itsettled’s features. 

A Bonus Feature - Credit Management Software + Free Credit Reports

Although no-one chose credit reports as their favourite feature of our credit management software, we wanted to share it with you anyway. 

Credit reports are a great way to gain insight into your customers business and financials. You can request free credit reports through the dashboard on your itsettled account, and you can watch an explainer video on our members-only resource hub. You can read more about credit reports here

Interested in learning more about itsettled’s credit management software? Get in touch today on social, using our live chat feature, or emailing

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