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How small business owners can improve customer experience.

All business owners know that customer experience is important. But how many of us spend the time to really evaluate the experience our customers have with our business?

Customer experience is important for the success of your business for many reasons. If your customers enjoy their experience, they will be loyal to your business, will have more trust in you, and will become brand ambassadors by recommending your business to their network.

So, how can you improve your customer experience sustainability?

1. Communication is vital.

Firstly, understand the importance of communication. Whether your business is retail or a software service, communication is important. Make sure you regularly communicate with customers - this means keeping your timing consistent and your tone consistent as well. Regular communication can build trust and rapport between your business and your customers. However, it’s important to ensure that you don’t just send your customer base marketing communications. If you’re always trying to sell and upsell to your customers, you risk ruining the rapport. Let them know what you’re up to instead - regular newsletters work well for this. Gather Feedback

2. Feedback is vital.

It’s important to understand what your customers think of your business. If they’re having problems, it’s likely that they won’t stick around to tell you. You need to ask for feedback regularly. If you’re communicating with customers regularly, you’re more likely to hear feedback.

3. What do your customers care about?

If your customers care about quick response times and speedy service, prioritise that. If your customers want better quality, focus on that. Learn about your customers preferences and make those the priority for your business. If your funds are limited, this is especially important, as it allows you to focus your spending on areas of your business that will gain the most customer satisfaction.

4. Training, Training, Training.

Train your employees in the way that you want your customers to be treated. If you have a training manual or process, make sure you regularly update it to take new customer feedback into consideration. Regular training and retraining will allow your employees to give the best customer service.

5. Cover all bases

Make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you. If your customer can’t get in touch, or can’t even find your contact information, there’s a strong likelihood that they will take their business elsewhere. As well as including your contact information somewhere obvious on your website, consider adding a live chat function on your website. This allows customers to stay on your site whilst you talk to them.

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