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How to get your business off to a strong start in 2022

Don't hurtle straight into the New Year - make some goals first.

You may feel inundated right now with posts and articles focused on people’s business resolutions for 2022 - but how can you actually get your business off to a strong start in 2022? 

Let’s look at the facts. 

1. Regroup. 

It’s easy to plunge straight into the New Year headfirst - but it’s important to examine the actual state of your business first before making any major changes. Look at your finances, how you ended the year, and what worked well last year. By looking at these things, you’ll have the full picture of your business, and therefore be better placed to make a plan for the upcoming year. 

2. Talk it out.

Communication is vital for any successful business - whether that’s communicating with customers or communicating with your staff. Get feedback from what worked well in 2021 and what changes your customers and staff want to see in the upcoming year. Is there a new product or service you can offer? This feedback can be invaluable.

3. Make a plan - and make it continuous. 

Although it’s important to make a business plan, you shouldn’t be afraid to make changes - who knows what 2022 has in store. Be flexible around your planning - break it down month by month and revisit it at the beginning of each month or quarter to adjust it. This Forbes article explains Continuous planning well - if other methods of planning haven’t worked for you in the past, try this. 

4. What’s the forecast?

Following on from the previous point, Cashflow forecasting can be a valuable activity to complete regularly throughout the year, but especially at the beginning of a new quarter. Read our guide to Cashflow Forecasting, which gives best practice and guidance on starting to forecast your business cashflow.  

5. Implement new strategies and technology.

Is the cashflow forecast not looking so good? You need to get on top of it.

Now can be a good time to introduce some new strategies and technologies into your business operations. Use a software like itsettled to boost the amount of cash in your business bank account. Our automated credit control and management software collects your invoices faster - giving you more time and energy to focus on the important parts of your business. 

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