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itsettled CEO Glen Morgan FCICM on the Accounting Influencers Podcast

itsettled CEO and co-founder Glen Morgan FCICM appears on the Accounting Influencer Podcast to discuss itsettled's quest to end late payment.

itsettled CEO Glen Morgan is no stranger to sharing his credit management experience and advice - in the past few years he’s been asked to contribute to the Parliamentary Report on Late Payment, and has written several syllabi and training courses on the subject of effective credit management . Glen has held joint seminars with the UK Small Business Comissioner and other industry leaders. 

Most recently, Glen was a guest on the popular Accounting Influencers Podcast to discuss credit management opportunities for accounts. 

You can listen to the full interview here

During the interview, Glen discussed the importance of keeping up to date with current accounting trends, ways that accountants can help their clients with cashflow management, and the pressures that businesses will face in 2022. 

Other key topics discussed include; 

➤ The pressures businesses are currently facing, and why business owners are turning to their accountants as trusted advisors.

➤ Why 2022 will be challenging for companies due to the end of government support.

➤ What gives big businesses the edge over smaller ones when formulating credit policies.

➤ The itsettled proposition and how it helps the clients of accountants manage their credit with full integrations to collect owed monies.

➤ Signs that a company may require credit control measures from their professional advisors.

You can read about how itsettled works for accountants here

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