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The 12 Days of Christmas - The Automated Credit Control Version

On the first day of Christmas itsettled gave to me - an automated credit control platform.

We all know the famous adage ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’, but have you ever heard the lesser known (but still excellent) festive tune ‘The Twelve Days of Automated Credit Control’? We thought not. Here it is in its full glory - complete with twelve festive benefits of using itsettled. 

1. On the First Day of Christmas 

“On the first day of Christmas

itsettled gave to me

An Automated Credit Control Platform.”

This one speaks for itself really - itsettled is an automated credit control platform that collects your invoices faster and brings in more money to your bank account. By using us, there’s no need to spend precious time chasing invoices - just leave it to us. 

2. On the Second Day of Christmas 

“On the second day of Christmas

itsettled gave to me

Two (and more) user accounts.”

Our platform allows you to add as many users as you want - meaning you can designate credit control to anyone in your team. They don’t need any experience, as itsettled is simple and intuitive to use. 

3. On the Third Day of Christmas

“On the third day of Christmas

itsettled gave to me

Three early warning alerts.”

By using itsettled, you’ll have a clearer picture of your cashflow. Our platform tells you how many days late your customers are paying you on average. This means you’ll be able spot any trends or warning signs early. 

4. On the Fourth Day of Christmas

“On the fourth day of Christmas

itsettled gave to me

Four accountancy software integration options.”

Take your pick of accountancy software integrations with itsettled’s wide range of choice. We have all four major softwares available, as well as more in the works, so whichever solution you use, we’ve got you covered. 

5. On the Fifth Day of Christmas 

“On the fifth day of Christmas

itsettled gave to me

Five overdue invoices paid.”

We get you paid on time, every time. We collect your invoices faster with a proven process that has collected over £420 million SMEs just like yours. No matter the amount of overdue invoices you get, we’ll make sure every single one is paid. 

6. On the Sixth Day of Christmas 

“On the sixth day of Christmas

itsettled gave to me

Six credit experts a-speaking.”

One of the many benefits of using itsettled is the access we give you to a whole host of credit management experts. Our customer success team are all members of the Institute of Credit Management, so they really are experts in their field.

7. On the Seventh Day of Christmas

"On the seventh day of Christmas

itsettled gave to me

Seven cases that could be paused.”

It can be difficult to give up control sometimes, especially with something so delicate that involves your customer relationships. With our platform, you can pause the process at any time, making it easy for you to prioritise the customer relationship when you need to. 


8. On the Eighth Day of Christmas

“On the eighth day of Christmas

itsettled gave to me

Eight credit management resources (and that’s just the start!).”

When you sign up to itsettled, you don’t just get access to our platform - you get access to a wealth of knowledge as well. Our team have put together articles and resources for every customer, so you can learn more about business finance on the job. 

9. On the Ninth Day of Christmas

“On the ninth day of Christmas

itsettled gave to me

Nine lawyers to prove the legally compliant process.”

Are you slightly dubious of the itsettled process? Don’t be. Everything that our automated credit control platform contains adheres to all current legal requirements. Built on our CEO Glen Morgan’s 25 years of experience within the credit management industry, we know what works. 

10. On the Tenth Day of Christmas

“On the tenth day of Christmas

itsettled gave to me

Ten customer relationships maintained.”

Credit control can be a worrying prospect for many business owners, as by following no set process, you risk alienating customers. itsettled’s process is designed to do the exact opposite - our process slowly increases over time, allowing your customers plenty of time to pay you whilst still maintaining relationships. It really is possible to have both. 

11. On the Eleventh Day of Christmas

“On the eleventh day of Christmas

itsettled gave to me

Eleven invoices to be added.”

itsettled can manage any amount of invoices that you throw at it - that’s the beauty of the platform. Unlimited invoices mean that you can upload everything you’ve got on your accountancy platform - challenge us to see how much we can get paid. 

12. On the Twelfth Day of Christmas 

“On the twelfth day of Christmas

itsettled gave to me, 

Twelve months a year of itsettled’s guarantee.”

Is an automated credit control platform not enough? If you don’t get paid after using our platform - itsettled will step in and collect the invoice for you - for free. No hidden clauses - as long as you’ve followed the process we’ll collect the money for you. We back ourselves and we back our process, so we want to reassure you by providing this guarantee. 

We hope you enjoyed this festive article - if you’re still not convinced, try us out for thirty days for free. We provide a full access free trial, sign up today here


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