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The five best mental health apps for business owners

We all know that looking after our mental wellbeing is important - but when you’re a business owner it can be easy to forget to look after yourself when you’re so busy trying to look after your business.

But it’s vital that you look after your mental health - you’ll find running your business is easier and less stressful when you feel better.

We’ve rounded up our favourite apps to help you manage your mental wellbeing - so you can stay on top of things and be healthier and happier in all areas of your life.

  1. Headspace - for meditation

Meditation is often cited as being a great stress reliever, but it can feel like you have to spend hours a day practicing. With Hheadspace, you can access guided meditation sessions, set reminders, and learn about good sleep hygiene. Built on co-founder Andy Puddicome’s experience as an ordained Tibetan monk, Headspace will allow you to spend some time working on your meditation skills, even if it’s for as little as fifteen minutes per day.

  1. Calm - for taking time out

You may find that when you’re stressed out about your business, your sleep can suffer. Try Calm’s bedtime stories or their selection of peaceful music and nature soundtracks, and you’ll be drifting off in no time. They also offer guided meditation if Headspace isn’t for you.

  1. Habit - for tracking positive habits

If you find yourself losing track of your regular to-do’s, Habit might be for you. It offers a free version of a habit tracker with reminders, so you never forget things like medication or drinking water. It can also be useful to track things that you find beneficial for your mental health, such as a certain amount of time away from your phone or screen and exercise.

  1. Notion - for organisation

Notion is a favourite in the itsettled office and it’s not hard to see why. This organisational master-tool is a must have for those feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Organise different aspects of your business into different documents, and use the contents page to organise everything - you can even link to different documents within. You can also set up different notebooks for your personal life if you prefer to keep everything in one place.

  1. MindDoc - for tracking your mood

MindDoc was set up with the aim of user’s tracking their mental health. Use it to log your mood daily, and you’ll be able to pinpoint stressors. It’s not an instant fix to help you feel less stressed, but it will help you analyse what your common stress points are. As always, it’s important to note that you should speak to your GP or a health professional if you are feeling low and stressed, and if you’re feeling like you can’t cope.

Here are some further resources;


Phone: 999 or 111

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Phone: 0300 123 3393 (9am-6pm Monday to Friday) or text 86463




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