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Why itsettled is the trusted Credit Control Software for Small Businesses

itsettled is the most trusted credit control software for small businesses - but why? We examine the reasons behind itsettled's success with small businesses.

How did itsettled combine three decades of credit management experience with powerful automation to build the most trusted credit control software for small businesses across the UK?

But firstly, why should small businesses even worry about the effect of unpaid invoices? 

Why small businesses should care about credit control.

Small businesses constantly struggle with late payment, especially when their customers are larger corporations. After all, the power imbalance can be difficult to navigate for many small business owners. According to new research from Barclays, three in five (58 per cent) small or medium enterprises (SMEs) are currently waiting on late payments from customers. This can massively impact cashflow. In fact, 440,000 businesses are predicted to close this year due to cashflow issues resulting from late payment. 

So, it’s clear that small businesses are at risk from unpaid invoices, and that the way to tackle this is by using a consistent credit management software to ensure that the situation doesn’t become livelihood-threatening. 

Why small businesses trust itsettled’s credit management software.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why small businesses trust itsettled’s credit control software with their invoices. 

1. itsettled’s credit control software is built on experience.

Firstly, many small businesses don’t employ a credit controller. They may have a small one or two person finance team at best, and therefore they need to be able to rely on their credit control solution. That’s where itsettled comes into play. Built on itsettled CEO’s near three decades experience within the industry, our credit control software has collected over £420million for 1,600 UK SMEs. 

2. Our customers love using our credit control software.

You only need to read a few of our testimonials to know that we’ve got some great customers. We’re proud of everything we’ve helped our customers achieved. 

One of our customers, who runs a marketing agency, wrote;

"Credit control is stressful. On one hand, you want to preserve a client relationship but on the other, you want to be paid fairly for the job you do. Thankfully the itsettled team have got it all worked out for you."

3. We offer guidance and support as well as credit control software.

itsettled is not just software. Alongside our automated credit management software, all our customers gain access to a dedicated account manager. As a customer, your account manager is there to support you with everything credit management - whether that’s a quick question about the software or giving advice about payment terms for new customers. We support you every step of the way. 

4. itsettled saves business owners time and money.

When you don’t have a dedicated credit controller, or even no finance employees at all, business owners, directors, and senior staff members can become buried under with pressing credit control tasks quite easily. Take that pressure away with itsettled’s software. A fully automated credit management software, all you have to do is upload your invoices and we’ll get you paid on time. Read more about how our software works here. 

5. itsettled is an award-winning credit control software.

We don’t like to brag, but we’re pretty proud of the fact that we’re award-winning. We recently won an award from none other than TechNation, meaning that we can now say we provide award-winning software - which is pretty cool. It helps that our customers think we’re pretty great too. 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with itsettled’s credit control software?

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