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Using itsettled to boost customer satisfaction

Are you an accountant looking to improve your customer satisfaction levels? Maybe your customers have asked for extra services or would like you to take more of an advisory role?

itsettled is here to help you build that customer satisfaction, allowing you to build your client base and expand your business with a minimal amount of money, energy, or time.

Here’s how itsettled can help.

  1. Unlimited amount of users

Firstly, you can have as many users on itsettled as you want - this means that you only need one itsettled account for your accountancy firm, as each team member can have a separate user profile for their own individual clients.

  1. Fully automated

Unlike templates generated by some accountancy software packages and companies, we do all the thinking for you. Every piece of communication is automatically generated - and you can just leave our platform to send letters and other correspondence on your behalf.

  1. Significantly improve your clients cashflow position

When they grow, you grow. With itsettled’s software, your clients will be in a much healthier cashflow position, allowing them to re-invest in their business. When your clients grow, your business will grow too - it’s a win-win situation.

  1. Help your clients become #lendingready

If your clients are in a healthier cashflow position, they’ll be in a stronger place to apply for grants, loans, or funding they may require.

  1. More time for tailored consultancy work

With itsettled, you can reduce the amount of time you spend on menial credit control tasks such as invoice reminders. This will allow you to give more focus to higher-value consultancy work. Our software will also make it easier to spot early warning signs for your clients, enabling you to create more detailed reports.

Increase your clients happiness today - try itsettled for free.

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