itsettled + QuickBooks

Sync your QuickBooks account with itsettled and our platform does the rest for you. No more worrying about getting paid, keeping track of your overdue invoices, or damaging customer relationships when asking for payment.

Get your invoices paid, reduce risk and improve cashflow by pairing your QuickBooks account with itsettled.

Connect your QuickBooks account

If you’re one of the 4.5 million businesses around the world using QuickBooks Online to manage your online accounts then let us make your life even easier.

itsettled picks up where your accountancy software ends, integrating seamlessly into your business procedures. You can then sit back, safe in the knowledge that our platform is collecting your invoices faster, reducing risk for your business and improving your cashflow.

Changed your mind?

Are you switching accountancy softwares? Perhaps you’ve recently switched to a different accountancy practice and they use a different software, or maybe you just fancy a change? 

With itsettled, it’s easy to switch your accountancy software integration. Simply head to your account, look for the Integrations tab, and click the ‘Unlink’ button. From there you can link with your new accountancy software of choice.

integrate quickbooks in

3 easy steps


Sign up and either sync your accountancy software or upload your invoices directly to itsettled.

Link your account

Our automated tool proactively looks for risks and begins collecting recently created invoices and any late payments.

You are good to go

Acting as your automated credit management team, our tools keeps working until you get paid the money you’re owed.


Trusted by UK businesses

See what our customers have to say about the itsettled platform.

"Credit control is stressful. On one hand, you want to preserve a client relationship but on the other, you want to be paid fairly for the job you do. Thankfully itsettled does it all for you."

Owen Wood, Director, Park Row Marketing

“Within a very short time frame the debt was repaid in full, thanks to the clever process and ease of use of itsettled. You must give this a go. Old debts, current invoices, it just works 👍”

Gideon Barker, Director, CustomerIQ

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