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5 Easy Ways to Boost Client Satisfaction at your Accountancy Firm

Interested in increasing customer satisfaction at your accountancy firm? Read on for our team's top tips to improve customer happiness.

If you're looking to grow as an accountancy practice, one of the best ways to expand is by increasing your firm's customer satisfaction. If your customers are happy, they’re way more likely to recommend you to people they know. But how can you boost customer satisfaction? We’ve gathered our top tips and put them into a handy article for you. Read on to discover how…

1. Ask for feedback. 

How do you know if you’re doing a good job if you don’t ask? Consider sending out a survey (perhaps once a year), to your customers. These can be easily created using various free online tools such as Google Forms and Survey Monkey. Alternatively, you could send a feedback request email after every appointment you have with a customer. This can be a template email that asks for feedback, maybe containing some pointer questions as a starting point. To encourage your customers to answer your survey, think about offering a deal or discount on any future services.  

2. Check in regularly.

Similarly to the first point, it’s important to check in with your customers regularly. If you’re only ever contacting them to arrange a meeting or invoice them, they may be feeling abandoned and unsupported. It doesn’t have to be every week, but a quick email to ask how they’re getting on and to ask if they need anything will go a long way. 

3. See a relevant article? Send it their way.

Have you ever scrolled through LinkedIn and seen an article or blog you think your customer might benefit from, and thought nothing more of it? Next time, send it their way. Whether it’s a good news story about their relevant industry, or a guide on something that they struggle with as a business, your customer will appreciate the tailored support - even if it’s just a quick LinkedIn message with a link. 

4. Provide regular reports on how they’re doing. 

If you’re not already doing so, sending out regular reports on your clients financial position (and how it’s changed since the last report), is a great way to boost customer satisfaction at your accountancy firm. These reports can often be generated by whichever accountancy software you or your customer uses. Reports can look like a brief snapshot of the business or be a lengthy report on the business, including the customers cashflow position and top paying customers. 

5. Offer additional support. 

It can be good practice to regularly look at what additional services and support you can offer to your practice's customers. Is there something in particular you think that they’d benefit from, such as a grant or loan, or a new piece of software (itsettled maybe?) As an accountant, you can use itsettled's credit management and debt recovery software to save your firm time, allowing you to offer more advisory services. Read more about how to use itsettled to boost your accountancy firm's customer satisfaction here

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