Gideon Barker, Customer IQ

I wanted to test out using itsettled on what I thought was an impossible task, to recover a debt which was 12 months overdue and had previously been written off as bad debt. I had already spent far too much time trying to recover the payment to no avail. This was a tough ask but itsettled completely surpassed all my expectations. The debt was recovered very quickly and with an incredibly small amount of effort and time on my part. It was so easy and I was blown away with itsettled. I thoroughly recommend you try it for your business today.

An Impossible Task 

Gideon initially began to use itsettled for what he believed to be an impossible task - to recover a payment that had been outstanding for over a year. He had attempted to contact the company on numerous occasions but had been given payment promises and vague responses. That’s when he decided to get itsettled involved, although he was very doubtful about the impact it could have. 

Surpassed all my expectations 

itsettled got involved and the proprietary process began. With Gideon running his business full-time, he was relieved to know that he didn’t have to spend more than a few minutes each day checking the platform. itsettled is a legally compliant process that has been used over the past twelve years to collect over £420million for SME’s. 

Thoroughly recommend 

After a few short weeks, itsettled had collected in the full amount of the invoice. Gideon had simply followed the process, spending a few minutes every couple of days on checking in. Gideon was impressed, in his own words he was ‘blown away with itsettled’. Gideon now uploads all his invoices onto the itsettled platform, which allows him to boost his cashflow whilst focus on the most important thing - running his business.

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