Gill Godden, Blenheim Accountants

This is not a debt collection agency, rather what it does is guide you through the process that you should follow to chase debt and provide you with the tools you require and timely reminders of what/when comes next. Happy with the outcome as we tried out the trial version of the process on a very overdue invoice that we had pretty much written off and got most of it paid.

Gill, Blenheim Accountants 

Not a debt collection agency 

Gill began to use itsettled when her accountancy firm had an outstanding invoice for a large amount that had remained unpaid for over a year, despite their best efforts. The firm didn’t want to use a debt collection agency as they didn’t want to potentially upset the client, but they also wanted to retrieve the money they were owed. 

We had pretty much written it off

After a few short weeks, the invoice was paid - all thanks to itsettled’s legally compliant and expertly written process - created by a credit management expert. With this invoice paid, stress was lifted and cashflow was boosted for the accountancy firm. 

The tools you require 

The itsettled platform gave Gill and her colleagues the tools they needed to chase the invoice - with an automated process, you don’t have to worry about scheduling reminders or chaser emails. Everything is done for you - so you can get back to running your business.

Company name

Blenheim Accountants


Accountancy Firm

Uses itsettled to

Collect invoices that have been written off

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