Mark Winter, FD, Rappor

“We’ve been using the itsettled software for six months and have found it to be really useful. It’s a very easy way of tying things together. It’s helped us with our credit control and I’d definitely recommend it.”

Mark Winter, FD, Rappor

One Account, Multiple Users

Various Rappor employees use itsettled to chase invoices, as there are multiple members of their finance team. By having one umbrella account with different users, each member of the team can log in to itsettled and have full transparency on which invoices are being chased and the progress that has been made on each invoice.

“Helped us with our Credit Control”

After using itsettled for over six months, the Rappor finance team found that using our software helped them save time and improve efficiency. They could leave our automated process to do the credit control for them, leaving them more time to focus on other tasks.

“I’d definitely recommend it”

Now that the Rappor team have been using itsettled’s automated credit management and debt recovery for a year, they’ve found that they can protect their high-growth and quickly scaling business. With a boosted cashflow, they can reinvest in their business and grow even further.

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Infrastructure and environmental consultants

Uses itsettled to

Save time when collecting unpaid invoices.

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